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 Post subject: Trouble in St John Paradise
PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:28 pm 
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Funny, wasnt the haunted house and Christmas and the Festival all of the things that the Citizens Party ran on to be re-elected? This includes Mr Barnie too, now he doesn't want to hear about it anymore. Here is the article along with comments.

Donation pitch touches off fireworks
StoryDiscussionFont Size: Default font size Larger font size BY MARY WILDS
Times Correspondent | Friday, November 07, 2008 | 10 comment(s)

ST. JOHN | Residents, town employees and officials had a lively debate Thursday about whether the Town Council should accept help from a local businessman who wants to donate money for a fireworks display at Christmas in the Park.

The council trimmed fireworks from this year's festival budget as a cost-saving measure. Jeff Fryzel, owner of Northwoods Restaurant and brother of council President Mike Fryzel, offered to pay the cost of fireworks in the form of a donation, saying his daughters liked "Santa Claus, flipping the switch (on the Christmas lights) and fireworks."

His request had been turned down and Jeff Fryzel said he was at Thursday's council meeting to find out why. Mike Fryzel and the council eventually arrived at a compromise whereby Jeff Fryzel would ask fellow business owners for donations so the fireworks would be a group effort.

But the compromise came after a lot of discussion between Jeff Fryzel and council members.

Councilmen Greg Volk and Michael Forbes said he was welcome to donate money to the festival, but could not earmark his donation for a particular purpose. Jeff Fryzel responded he didn't want to pay "for the electricity," he wanted St. John to have Christmas fireworks this year.

"If this was any other person, he'd be sent away (from the podium)," Forbes said to Mike Fryzel at one point.

"That's your opinion, not fact," said Fryzel, who largely stayed out of the discussion.

"I think we'd be insane not to accept your generous offer," Councilwoman Jerri Teibel said.

At one point, Jeff Fryzel got the audience involved, many of whom were town employees. According to Fryzel, Councilman Mark Barenie told him spending money on fireworks amid budget cuts would make "a bad impression on employees."

"I recall some of that being said" in the conversation, said Barenie. Fryzel asked employees if they'd mind him donating money for a fireworks display.

"No," they chorused.

Barenie countered other area businesses had the chance to donate. Fryzel then said he would drum up support for a collective donation at an upcoming Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Barenie said he would vote yes "if I don't have to hear anything more about the (Lake Hills) Haunted House (and) Christmas in the Park ... for another six months." The council should focus on more serious matters, he added.


Back to story 10 comment(s)
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Bunch of dopes wrote on Nov 8, 2008 11:37 AM:
" St. John's council members must be a bunch of dopes. It's real simple. Next time St. John sends out the water bills to the residents and business owners ask for donations that they can make when they pay their water bill. Even if you only get enough donations for one week's worth of power for the lights; the council can brag about the community spirit. This in conjunction with Mr. Fyzel's generous fireworks donation would be awesome. I'll donate a few bucks to the cause and I'm laid off right now. "

money talks wrote on Nov 7, 2008 9:24 PM:
" It's doubtful Jeff Fryzel would have been allowed to badger the council until he got HIS answer if his brother wasn't in charge of the meeting. So I guess anyone who has the money to throw around can tell the town how to handle any event despite an approved agenda and budget. The town didn't plan fireworks for the event but Fryzel wanted them because his kids wanted them...learn to say no Jeff. Kids can't always have what they want. Jeff didn't want to support reducing the expenses that exceed the income for this event. He just wanted his way. Asking for the support of the town employees only added to the circus atmosphere created by the Fryzel brothers. "

Cold night wrote on Nov 7, 2008 7:06 PM:
" Its to cold in winter to have fireworks and the kids need to be all nestled in their little beds anyhow. The council needs to quit trying to celebrate themselves. "

Very Pleased wrote on Nov 7, 2008 3:38 PM:
" The reason I moved my family to St. John was because of the small town caring atmosphere. The summer festivals and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony are just added attractions to this great community. The elected officials and town employees provide services to our community that are unmatched in any other community. The donation of fireworks is just an added plus by a community supporter. The elected officials should post a sign stating who donated towards the festival. Then the elected officials that can't answer the question as to how things are paid for can point to the sign and think about who they work for. "

Please wrote on Nov 7, 2008 9:48 AM:
" If the man wants to donate money for fireworks, let him. It's his money. He has every right to say where his donation will go. And most kids love fireworks. If St. John can't raise the money to have the festival, don't have it. "

What does wrote on Nov 7, 2008 9:12 AM:
" What does fireworks have to do with Santa? The better question is what does fireworks and Santa have to do with the birth of Christ? But then maybe this is not about what little kids want, but what big kids want. "

stop being a scrooge wrote on Nov 7, 2008 8:53 AM:
" Good for Jeff Fryzel of Northwoods. If he has the money and wants to spend it in this manner; then what's the big deal? Barenie - you're being a big SCROOGE! "

Non-profit law wrote on Nov 7, 2008 8:51 AM:
" Non-profits must appropriate funds in the manner specified by the donor, if there is a specification. By accepting this donation, the council would be forced to have fireworks when they cannnot afford the rest of the event. The council was correct to be cautious about accepting the donation, because the public would surely say - oh you can't pay the bills - but you can afford fireworks - not knowing where the money came from and how they were required by law to spend it. They were looking out for the overall best interest of the community. If more donations come in that can be put into the general fund, there will be no problem accepting the donation for fireworks. The council was also right to allow the business owner to suggest alternatives until a solution was achieved. The council should realize that community events are part of managing the community and if a member doesn't like it, he should resign from council and let someone else do it. Communities with organized events are healthier, happier communities overall. "

JDub wrote on Nov 7, 2008 8:40 AM:
" It's his money. If he wants to waste it on fireworks that's his choice. It's obvious politics are involved, but why the heck does the town think it can tell people how to donate money. If the town is that strapped for money, get rid of those lights in the park and focus on the "more important things" "

who you know counts wrote on Nov 7, 2008 7:52 AM:
" This was a disgusting display of bullying by a business owner with his own agenda. He only got away with it because his brother is the president of the town council. He was allowed to stay at the podium and bully his way to the answer he wanted. The town is still short of money for this festival and this man wanted nothing to do with defraying the expenses, only pushing his own agenda because his kids wanted fireworks. I don't get the big deal. What do fireworks have to do with Santa? "

 Post subject: Re: Trouble in St John Paradise
PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:51 am 
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It would seem that for "St John's largest under-construction subdivision, one that cost the taxpayers a lot of money, where now only 100 houses sit, that the TOWN OFFICIALS, should get more than a "gentlemans agreement".

Town halts building permits in The Gates
StoryDiscussionFont Size: Default font size Larger font size BY VANESSA RENDERMAN
219.933.3241 | Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | No comments posted.

ST. JOHN | Saying they were backed into a corner, local officials have halted development -- for now -- in the St. John's largest under-construction subdivision.

The Water and Sanitary Utility Board ordered the town no longer will allow new residential or commercial buildings in The Gates of St. John to tap into the water and sanitary systems. Because of that, building permits cannot be issued for construction there, Utility Board President Bob Myers said.

Existing buildings and those issued a building permit before Nov. 1 won't be affected. Since the decision went into effect, one request for a residential building permit has been denied, said Bob Pharazyn, St. John director of operations.

Utility Board members say The Gates developer, John Lotton, is obligated under the terms of an annexation agreement to make several infrastructure improvements, but he hasn't made good on all of them.

The agreement calls for Lotton to help pay for a water tank and construct a water treatment facility along with a trunk sewer, among other improvements for the neighborhood. The deadline for the treatment facility is this spring, and -- because it needs at least 30 weeks lead time -- it won't be done in time, Pharazyn said.

Lotton would not comment on the matter.

Lotton contributed $1.1 million, about 45 percent of the cost, toward the construction of water tank, per the agreement, Pharazyn said.

He also installed some sewer lines, Utility Board Vice President Alex Monanteras said.

But when the well was drilled in The Gates and it became clear it could pump more than twice the amount of water initially thought, the town asked Lotton to increase the size of the water treatment plant. The town, in turn, would pick up the additional cost, which is about 30 percent of the expense, Monanteras said.

After a "gentleman's agreement," the change was drafted but Lotton never responded to the documentation from the board's attorney asking for a response, Monanteras said.

Nor has he responded to letters informing him the board was considering ceasing sewer and water tap-ins in The Gates, Myers said.

Myers said he doesn't know whether court is the next step after this, but he hopes it isn't.

The Gates, bordered by 101st Avenue on the north, Cline Avenue on the east, U.S. 231 on the south an Parrish Avenue on the west, is expected to include about 1,450 housing units as well as commercial development when it is complete.

About 100 residences and four commercial developments have been built so far, Pharazyn said.

 Post subject: Re: Trouble in St John Paradise
PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:45 pm 
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The saga continues...... ... 10c4ce.txt

Lotton said he agreed to build the initial plant but never signed anything saying that he would build the larger plant. If the town wants something other than a plant that processes 1,000 gallons per minute, that will have to be negotiated, he said.

Well, the above article says there was a "gentlemens agreement." Which is it? Could be a problem just like the so called "gentlemens agreement" with the town manager of Dyer and the annexation.

Wow, Gunslinger, two topics at one time you've got going. I guess we can afford the electric for the Christmas lights at the park. The Haunted House made money this year and has been put into the funds for the Christmas in the Park. Still short on funds for the electric so if anyone want's to donate money for the "basics" first, that would be great. Unless that doesn't jive with people and they feel as though "fireworks" are more important amongst other things...Get with the program ....we are on a budget.

"President Xanax"

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