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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
First Wok - A Buffet with "Fish" and More
If you don't mind being greeted by a singing fish, then you will likely be pleased by your dining experience at First Wok.
A singing fish?  Okay, you're right; that does lend itself to some explanation.  And maybe by now the people at First Wok have dismantled the thing.  But when I had the buffet at First Wok, that wonderful singing fish (you know...available at Walgreens and other fine stores near you) was what they used to let the staff know when diners were coming and going.  And since there were quite a few dining at First Wok the night I was there, I heard several tunes belted out of those battery operated gills.
But on to the food.  What impressed me about the buffet at First Wok was the variety of offerings.  This was really a nice sized buffet.  There were at least eight main dishes available (such as Mongolian Beef, Beef with Broccoli, Sesame Chicken, just to name a few) and then of course all the rices, noodles, desserts, and more.  
Pepper Steak with Onion was another dish that was a favorite at my table; it was just a bit too peppery for my taste buds though - just a tad.  The BBQ pork qualified for seconds in my eyes, but it was a bit on the sweet side (of course the reason I liked it).  The flavorings on all the dishes were nice, but some of the meats tended to be on the gristly side.  (Sorry, didn't mean to get too specific there.)
First Wok has a dining room that is separate from the buffet, which made for a pleasant dining experience (and lessened the noise the fish was making).  There was no background music at the restaurant, but maybe that's something that will be tended to in the future (plus who can contend with the singing fish).
I really hope First Wok makes a go of it.  I'll be glad to have the buffet there again.  My experience was during the Grand Opening of the restaurant, so there might have been some extra effort in providing lots of menu offerings.  Still, I'll look forward to seeing if First Wok keeps up the strength in selections, and if the fish will retain his welcoming status.
First Wok is located on the south side of 133rd Avenue in Cedar Lake near Wilco grocery store.  If you're interested in getting your Chinese food for take out, the phone number is (219) 374-8638. 

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