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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
White Castle - a truly unique dining experience
Yep, It's time for another totally low-budget restaurant review, since does not pay for my dining excursions.  And if you're pinching pennies, it doesn't get much better that White Castle.
Been a while since you've been to White Castle?  Come on.  Do it just for fun.  Down some Slyders.  Next time everyone is in the car, deliberating over Chinese ("Oh... we had Chinese last week.") or Mexican (No, Shannon doesn't like Mexican."), just stop the madness and insist that you all go to White Castle.  
There are plenty of White Castles near.  The White Castle web site offers these locations:
East 81st @ U.S. 30 & Broadway Merrillville
Rt. 421 & Rt. 20 Michigan City
45th & Calumet Munster
Rt. 41 & Rt. 30 Schererville
Rt. 30 & S.R. 2 Valparaiso
Indianapolis Blvd. @ 119th Street Whiting
Throw all ambiance and culinary snobbery to the wind and create your own sampler platter.  Here is just a portion of the menu items:
Onion Rings
French Fries
Vanilla Shake
Jalapeno Burger
Chicken Rings
Cheese Sticks
You may find the steam grilled burgers a bit on the soggy side; seems the buns are a little mushy for my palate.  Still, I always find White Castle to be a fun trip and a unique taste.  The Slyders go great with shakes.  (Ya know, the combination just seems to do the trick for cutting the grease.  But then, it's good grease.)
One concern or complaint I have locally, for the Merrillville White Castle (which is the one I dine at most often), is the messy floor.  They are downright grotesque.  During the winter time with people dredging in the sloppy snow, the floor of this White Castle is hideous.  But I'm afraid it's not just the season that is at fault.  It seems this restaurant's floor is always a mess.
So just grab your Slyders, and keep your eyes on the prize.  I know you won't be expecting an elegant evening of dining.  I mean, come on, it's White Castle.  But to me, that's the fun of it.  So grab the crew and have a fun evening out.

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